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Thank you Brad for your professionalism. I won't hesitate to recommend you to others if the opportunity arises.

Hi Jennifer, Thank you for all your work on the websites, I have written a brief testimonial below for you. Jennifer from Pixel Pro Designs has been professional and easy to deal with. I have had two websites designed and completed by Jennifer and I am very pleased with the outcome. Jennifer and her team worked fast and efficiently to deliver on time what they promised. Jennifer was friendly, honest, and reliable to deal with. She was flexible and experienced to make changes where needed to get the exact look I was after. I would highly recommend Jennifer and Pixel Pro Designs from the experience I have had. Ian

Working with Pixelpro Designs has been a fun and creative adventure. It all started with several calls I had from Jenna talking about the possibilities a new website from Pixelpro Designs could offer and wetting my appetite with her lovely design ideas. What I would receive for my money was clearly explained. Sean, the manager, was clear and forthright, and we worked out the best affordable option to get our website online and able to be seen. Designing the website with Jennifer has been great fun. The initial template for the website was so much better than anything we had bought for the same money previously. Jennifer and her experienced team moulded my content in the best way, including some of my enthusiastic ideas and wisely discarding others. She always got right back to me when I had any queries or changes to make, of which there were many. Being able to see the work in progress has been a great bonus. It meant I was prompted to be creative and find interesting content for the site, and with the backup management system so easy to use, I intend to be actively updating our website much more than I ever did before. By the end of the process, we were given much more of a website than we initially expected, and are looking forward to the year of technical support where I can continue to ask questions. For me, the unique thing about Pixelpro Designs is that the whole team are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are interested in specifically what we need, and not just trying to fit us into a box. I have very much enjoyed the process, which took as long as it needed to and no more. I am very happy to recommend Pixelpro Designs to any other small business, knowing they will exceed expectations. I hope this testimonial is not too gushy! If you want to point new clients to me, I am happy to sing your praises.

I have just been through the process of setting up my website through Pixel Pro Designs. I would just like to thank Jennifer for her friendly, professional assistance she provided through the process of setting up my website. Nothing was ever a problem, she was able to go through the process without any fuss. sHe was very flexible in her payment arrangements. Jennifer did what he said she would do. I was very happy with her professional service.
Salvatore Achenza

I would like to let you know that Jennifer has attended to my Webb Site details in a professional and Business like manner. Attention to detail has been great and plenty of offers to extend if required.
Roz Kelly

My Husband and I had been looking into getting a website for his Bathroom Renovation business, for a couple of years. It all just seemed so hard to find someone to do it at the right price. I received a phone call from Pixel Pro Designs and who gave me a quote over the phone. I was hesitant at first, as I thought it would be easier with someone local. They promised me a site up and running within 2 weeks. They had the rough page layout in 2 days and the rest followed promptly , all well within the time set. I was so impressed with my Husband's website, that I immediately had one built for my new business. My friend also had her current website re-done after seeing our first one. My website , the "Getaway Pantry" is exactly how I envisaged. So much content and work went into the building of my site. My compliment's, go to Jennifer Evan's who guided me through the whole process. Jennifer was so helpful, kind and extremely patient with me over the past few months and I can highly recommend her services. Jennifer, also gave me a lesson on how to maintain my website for over an hour over the phone. I also loved that I paid by installment, as the work was completed. I am happy to recommend Pixel Pro Design's.

I want to express my sincere "Thank You" for guiding me through the set up process for the 3 new features on my website now with FACEBOOK, TWITTER and the ability to monitor my website traffic with the "Google Analytics Program" you and Pixel pro team have set up for me to its full functionality.

About 4 weeks ago, when all was set up from the team, I was too busy to find the time to be guided through. You gave me your contact that when I am ready to contact you again.

I have E-mailed you today to say I am ready to have time, and a half an hour later you have already rang me and were prepared to finalise this introductory process with me, which was quite complex, as I was not familiar with. I want to thank you for your understanding and politeness you have contacted in this business relationship.

I am feeling confident to contact you and your team again, if I feel we can find ways to fine tuning my website www.agrivision1.com.au further.

I am very proud to show my farmer's achievements to the world. This good results came through my guidance & the use of leading edge TNN input products for soil, plants and animals and this website designed from your team before Christmas speaks for itself.
Ludwig Mueller

I am writing this e-mail to let you know that I am happy with the services that you and PixelPro Designs have provided me. The service has always been prompt and focused. I am pleased that your communication skills are excellent and that you are able to grasp complex issues rapidly and address them appropriately. I am happy that most of the major issues with our website have been resolved with only a few minor ones pending. I am also happy that PixelPro Designs have honoured their promise to continue providing website support after going live. Thank you for your professionalism.
Dr. Piyush L Jogia

Hi Paul, thank you so much for your input and work to help to get this website to my satisfaction. Thank you very much, and I am happy to know you as a contact person at PixelPro Designs.
Ludwig Mueller

I am showing everyone my web site and telling them what a great job you have done so I am sure you will eventually get some referrals. I will keep doing my bit.

PixelPro Designs is awesome. The work these guys do should be admired as they do care about your requirements about the website solutions. I have got a website which represents my business at its best

Thanks to PixelPro Designs for providing such a great website. The best part about these guys is that they listen carefully and act on the concerns we have with their own value addition.

They design Great web pages with top class SEO service. My website appeared on the first page of Google rating within 2 months of creation.Thanks PixelPro Designs.

This company is highly recommended for the SEO services. I started with one website for its optimization and ended up with getting all of my 4 websites optimized, Great Work done!
Neo D' Costa

PixelPro Designs did a fantastic job. They always provide prompt reply to my questions and concerns and always keep me informed about the latest developments. Choose PixelPro Designs for best results.
Fred Hadge

PixelPro Designs contacted me with their proposal to build and maintain my website. After brief a consultation and a minimal deposit work commenced on designing my new site. I am very happy with the design, layout and up-to-date programming. All work is completed on time with changes made quickly by the PPD team. Easy team to work with...great value for work carried out and pleasant people to deal with. I very much recommend this PixelPro Design team.

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